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Bro Trainers. Yes or No?

In North Jersey Bro trainers are the norm.  While I am not anti Bro trainer I do think that there are some redeemable qualities.  So if the local trainer at your gym looks like Ronnie from the Jersey Shore pay attention because this article might hit close to home.


Let’s start with the Pro’s:

1.  They live the life.  They will do anything to look good so they have tried just about everything and can pass it on to you.

2.  You’ll be tan.  Bro’s love a good tan.  Let’s be honest who doesn’t?  But I am not sure how going tanning is health advice from a professional.  Has your doctor ever said “You need to lose weight, exercise more, and get tanner.”

3.  Memorial Day weekend is off.  Your trainer is down the shore partying at DJ’s not in the gym helping you.  We all need some time off from the gym right?

4.  Abs and biceps.  If abs and biceps are your thing most guido trainers are more then willing to accommodate.

5.  They always look good at the gym. Wearing hair gel and having a perfectly waxed chest is a must for any respectable Bro trainer so you need to step up your game as well.

Ok so maybe only three of those were serious.


1.  Not fans of the legs.  Most Bro’s don’t really focus on leg training.  Without lifting legs you are leaving out the largest muscles in your body.  They are also the most receptive to growth which in turn causes you to burn more calories.  If your trainer isn’t squatting or dead-lifting then stay away.

2.  Bro-Science.  Bro- Science is when they spout out things that they read in a magazine or online that have no scientific backing.  An example might be glutamine will help you retain muscle.

3.  Quick Fix.  Speaking of glutamine.  Bro trainers love pushing supplements.  The reality is however, that if your trainer actually does look like Ronnie from the Jersey Shore he probably takes more than just supplements. Ask yourself would my doctor recommend this many supplements?   Chances are you are just wasting your money and won’t cause any harm but you should think of your trainer as a health professional not a drug pusher.

4.  It’s all about aesthetics.  If you are training in preparation for one day taking your shirt off or wearing a bathing suit at a bar then by all means a guido trainer is for you.  However, training for function rather then form is probably more useful.  An example would be do you do more ab crunches or more planks?  Flexing the spine is not the most useful movement in the human arsenal.  Yes if you have low body fat then it will give you the 6 pack abs look but planks on the other hand create tension in the spine and resist movement rather than assist it.  This protects your back when lifting something heavy like a suitcase or groceries.  If performance were about aesthetics than body builders would be our greatest athletes.

5.  No Cardio.  While I agree that long steady cardio is not the way to lower body fat there are benefits to doing it.  First of all heart health.  If you are not raising your heart rate over extended periods of time you are not exercising maybe the most important muscle you have.  Second if the shit hits the fan and the zombie apocalypse happens what do you think would help you the most being able to curl large amounts of weight by flexing your elbow or being be able to get the hell out of there on foot.

While there are plenty of reasons one would seek out a personal trainer be advised that for some there are very different philosophies in play.