Holiday gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast. (Tested and Approved)

Nike + sport watch. $169.00

The Nike plus sport watch is part of the Nike plus series of products including the sportband, the fuelband, and the new kinect training. It is clear that Nike wants to become your own personal trainer. I have had the Nike plus watch for some time and I can’t say enough good things about it. It tracks all of your runs and allows you to customize your workouts on your own Nike plus website with graphs and charts. For a further review of the watch check out my article at

Subscription of Men’s Health Magazine. One year. $19.90


In my house when I get a new idea for anything whether it’s a recipe I want to make, a gift I want someone to buy for me, or a new look the joke is “you saw this in Men’s Health didn’t you?” Every month when I receive that magazine I sit down and usually read it cover to cover. No where else can you get more information of health, fitness, style, and just how to be a man in the 21st century. You can even find quality articles such as this one. With articles like that how can you afford not to get a year’s subscription?

Brooks Glycerine running shoes. $140.00


Brooks is my go to brand for running sneakers. I think running sneakers are so important to the amateur runner. Much more so than what hat or shirt they might be wearing. Without properly fitting sneakers a runner is likely to get injured which can derail running altogether. My theory is that larger companies like Nike have so many different brands and products that they do so well. They deal in basketball, baseball, football, and a million other things. Brooks just does running. So when it comes to sneakers I choose Brooks. The Glycerines are their top of the line sneaker with plenty of cushion for a heavier runner. They are for runners with a neutral arch and they just look good.

Under Armour Charged Cotton Storm Full Zip Hoody. $74.99

This is hands down the most comfortable sweatshirt I have ever owned. I can wear with a pair of jeans and sneakers on a cold day or while I am on a run. At first I thought I wouldn’t like having a zip up hoody because it feels more like a jacket than a sweat shirt but the elongated look made me look slimmer than a cut off look of a pullover. The bottom of the sweatshirt has a cuffed ribbing that you can wear flat instead of having to fold under like a normal pullover sweatshirt. The hood liner is super comfortable and sports a waffled look that is comfortable to wear. This sweatshirt is even great for wearing while going on a run in the winter months. It kept me dry even while the snow was falling and I had no problems staying warm. This is a do all sweatshirt with style.

Race entry into a favorite race. $90.00

Races are fun for the whole family. Plan a trip around a race. Visit a new city that you have never been to. There is no better way to see a city than to for for a run. After the race you can celebrate by going to a nice dinner and partaking in the post race party. My favorite is the Baltimore Running Festival sponsored by Under Armour. They have a wheelchair race, kids fun run, 5K, half marathon, and a full marathon. Best of all the gear is second to none. When Under Armor sponsors s a race you are getting top of the line race T-Shirts.

HB Tune IPhone carrier. $24.99

Sometimes I run listening to music and sometimes I don’t. When I was getting ready for the NYC Marathon I was starting to plan for all the logistics of how I was going to find my wife after the race in a sea of thousands of people. I wanted to have my IPhone on me while I was running but I have never really found an armband that worked quite right. They are great for wearing at the gym but if you plan on running 10 or more miles they always twist and slip. I didn’t want to have to worry about it on marathon day. Then I found the HB Tune IPhone carrier. How simple. A phone carrier that straps to the palm of your hand. You hardly even know it’s there. On top of it you can still use the touchscreen feature through the plastic. You should always have a phone on you during a run for emergencies and now you can.

Nike Men’s LW Wool Skully. $22.00

When running in the winter you need a hat to keep the heat from escaping. Most snow hats or skulls have that loose bottom where you just fold it over. The Nike LW Wool skull has the tight fitting bottom that goes over your ears. Combine that with the wool material and it’s a perfect hat to wear during a winter run or just when outside putting up Christmas lights.

Under Armour Coldblack T shirt. $34.99

I am very picky about which T shirts I wear to run in. This is my favorite. The material is light but not absorbent. It doesn’t get too wet from sweat and it is extremely comfortable to wear.

Brooks PureFlow running sneakers. $89.95

The Pure series by Brooks is their attempt to create a more minimalist running sneaker without going completely minimalist like the vibrams or other similar products on the market. Many runners have tried vibrams and end up getting hurt. These are a good compromise. They have a light feel almost as if you are running barefoot. The sneaker has a very low profile and a stylish design. I have gotten more compliments on these sneakers than any other I have worn as far as their looks. If you are a heavier runner like myself then you might not want to overdo it with these but instead use them as an alternative for speed workouts and shorter runs.

Nike Fuelband. $149.99

The Nike Fuelband is basically a suped up pedometer with modern day technology. It tracks your movement throughout the day and allows you to log in and create goals and really see how much exercise you get. It is stylish enough where you can wear it every day and it doesn’t look out of place. With a cool light up feature it can act as a watch, a calorie counter, a pedometer, a step counter, and something they call Nike Fuel. Nike fuel is a measure of movement that is equal from person to person unlike calories burned. I aim for 5,500 Nike Fuel a day. Because of Nike large resources you can also see how you stack up to Nike sponsored athletes. In the past year I have Twitter trasj talked to Serena Williams and Manny Pacquiao because I earned more fuel than them. I am sure both of them could beat me up especially Serena but it’s fun anyway. You can also download your results on your smart phone and look at trends.

The Grid Foam Roller. $40.00

When you workout you get tight. Any soft tissue tightness can lead to dysfunction which can lead to injury. The Grid foam roller has these little grid like features which let you customize your massage / foam rolling experience. As a runner I often use this one on my calves and Hips. I love it because I can really feel where my tight spots are and work them out. Remember to go slow and breathe. If an area hurts you can adjust the pressure but don’t skip it. It hurts for a reason.

Personal training sessions. Packages range from $40-$80 per session.

Personal training sessions might just be the kickstart you need to a new life. Whether you hate going to the gym or you are just looking for some new ideas contact me and we can set something up. I have packages for all levels and price ranges. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist which means I can program workouts for all athletes. My specialities are Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Endurance races, and Weight Loss. I lost 100 pounds and have kept it off for 7 years. I was featured in Men’s Health Magazine.

To find out how I can help you or your loved ones:

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About Joe Lopez C.S.C.S

I grew up playing sports my whole life. I played football, basketball, and baseball in High School. I was so busy playing that I never learned how to work out and eat properly. I played baseball in college but without the year-round fitness that came from the other sports I started gaining weight. When my college baseball career was over I weighed 285 lbs. I decided to make a change. I lost 85 pounds in two years. I can show you how. I have been a certified personal trainer for six years. I helped countless people find their success stories. My style of training comes from an athletic background added to my own personal experience of weight loss and fitness.

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