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Men’s Health article.

I just realized that I didn’t post my Men’s Health article on my blog.  So here it is.


Top 10 IPhone apps for health and fitness

10.  LifeTimes Fitness. If you belong to this “Globo gym” you just know.

9.  Running Pace Calculator.  Want to figure out how fast you have to run to do a 2 hour half marathon?  This it it.

8.  Healthy Grocery List.  Find better options in your super market

7.  Men’s health urbanathalon.  Training for the race or just want a killer workout. Try this.

6.  Runner’s World Smart Coach.  This guided me through my first marathon.

5.  Fooducate.  This is the best option to scan your groceries and see if they are really healthy or have misleading labels.

4.  Nike + running.  If you use Nike products this tracks runs and gives you a personalized homepage with graphs and charts.

3.  Hal Hidgon Marathon training.  This is what I am currently following for the 2012 ING NYC Marathon

2.  Nike fuelband.  Syncs through bluetooth so you can know exactly how active you are each day.

1.  MyFitnessPal.  Track your daily eating habits and you are 100% more likely to lose weight.

T minus 2 months until the ING NYC Marathon

November 4th is less than 2 months away so I thought I would share my progress so far.  In order to properly explain what I have been doing I have to go back to last winter.  For those of you who remember it was an unusually mild winter here in New Jersey.  We go next to no snow and therefore I was able to run the entire winter.  Normally I take about 2 months off because of my distain for the treadmill.  Take a look at my 2012 running chart thus far.

Because of that I decided that I need to take 2 weeks off in the beginning of June to kind of recover and regenerate for the upcoming marathon training.

Coincidentally enough my wife and I took a trip to San Francisco.  I saw a lot of runners out there and the weather was beautiful for a run however, I resisted and took the entire trip off.  Not to say that I didn”t get any physical activity.


I managed to squeeze in a few bike rides and check out the scenery that way.

For those of you who know I am a teacher full time so being off for the summer has allowed me to train for these fall runs.  I typically train extremely hard during the summer.  I often would work out twice a day with a run and a lift.  My typical summer week looked like this.

Monday:  Lift chest triceps.  Sprint workout.  1.5 mile warmup  2 400’s 4 200’s 8 100’s.  1.5 mile cool down

Tuesday:  Lift Back and biceps.  LifeTime Fitness Run club.  Usually anywhere from 3-6 miles.

Wednesday.  Lift abs, lower back, and shoulders. Occasionally hit the Morristown Running store run club for a 5 miles run.

Thursday.  Lift Legs / functional training.

Friday.  Off day or just stretch and foam roll with a little core work.

Saturday.  Morristown Run club.  5 miles.

Sunday.  Long run.  started at 6 and worked my way up to 13 by the the end of the summer.

That was my typical week from June 20th until August 28th.

I was loosely following a Hal Higden marathon training plan.  This plan allows 2 weeks of progress with every third week as a scale back week. One of the things that I did this summer that I have never done before is run of tired legs.  Partially because I wanted to make an effort to go to the two run clubs whenever I could and also I think it will help me down the road.  I have always avoided running on consecutive days.  My thoughts were that at 190 pounds I am big for a distance runner.  In the past I have always done 3 runs a week with at least a day off in between.  With that workout plan that I just mentioned I ran on 4 consecutive days for 2 months.  I had a slight anterior knee pain on one side but that went away.  I had some issues with cramping in my calves but no more than usual.  Now that I am in my longer runs and that I am back to work full time I am scaling it back to 3 runs a week. The exception is on my scale back weeks where I will add a 4th run for that week.  Hopefully as I get closer to the marathon my legs will feel light and refreshed from all those back to back days early on.

Here is my workout plan for the next 2 months until race day.  It is a little lighter than suggested especially during the week but I am hoping that the back to back sessions plus going a little more early on will get me to the finish line.  From this point on I will also scale back my lifting sessions to only twice a week with total body workouts each day.  I will add a third day where I will do core, stretching, and foam rolling as well.  I will eliminate all lifting of legs with the exception of during those scale back weeks and once I start to taper I will discontinue lifting of legs altogether.

Sept 10th:  4  miles fartlek  , 5 miles easy, 16 miles long

Sept 17th:  4 miles fartlek, 5 miles easy, 3 miles easy, 12 miles long (scale back)

Sept 24th:  4 miles fartlek, 5 miles easy, 18 miles long

Oct 1st:     5 miles fartlek, 5 miles easy,  3 miles easy, 14 miles long (scale back)

Oct 8th:   5 miles fartlek,   5 miles easy, 20 Miles long

Oct 15th:  Taper begins. 5 miles easy,   5 miles easy, 12 miles long

Oct 22nd:  4 miles easy, 5 miles easy, 8 miles long

Oct 29th:  3 miles easy, 5 miles easy, Marathon.

With perfect weather and everything going my way my goal is 3:50.  That is an average of 8:47 a mile without setback.  I would be fine with anything under 4:05.   2 months is a long time so a lot can happen between now and then.  I am sure that I have to deviate from this plan slightly because of one thing or another but that is where I have been and where I am headed.  November 4th 2012.