Another week down

First of all I just watched “The Source Code” with Jake Gyllenhall. It’s really good. I highly recommend it.

This week’s training felt petty good. I really had no major issues and I made it into the double digits on my long run. I am continuing to keep my strength training as a priority and continuing to lift legs which this week included squats and dead-lifts which I rarely do both in the same week. I usually alternate those on my leg day. I also tried an ice bath after my long run. I always remember in high school and college different trainers trying to get me into an ice bath but I could never withstand the pain. They say that is the best measure of a person’s pain threshold is how long they can last in icy cold water. If that is the case then I don’t have a high tolerance for pain at all. However, I have found that if you start in a an empty tub and then add the cold water and then add the ice it makes it much more tolerable. The ice bath is a way to ice your legs to help you not be as sore. Basically if you sit in an ice tub it causes your blood vessels to constrict. Then after the ice bath you turn on the hot water in the shower and it flushes out all the lactic acid because the hot water then causes your blood vessels to open up. This is a popular method at NFL training camps after a long day of hard work. I even recently read an article about elite runners using cryogenics. That freeze is a dry freeze but it only takes about 2 minutes. I guess I will have to see how I feel tomorrow before I decide whether or not I do it again. This week’s workout looked like this:

Monday: Chest
Tuesday 7 miles including speed work of 2 200’s, 2 400’s, 2 800’s, and 2 1200’s. Rear Delt and Scapular mobility work
Wednesday: Back
Thursday: 6 miles with hill repeats of 1 min each. Arms. Bi’s and Tri’s
Friday: Movement prep and stretching plus Hamstrings.
Saturday: Legs and Shoulders
Sunday: 10 miles easy

For this coming week I plan on backing down to 2 runs because I am going up to 12 miles on my long run with 19 total for the week. Then I am going to see Kenney Chesney and Zac Brown Band at Giants stadium on Saturday. I can’t wait for that. The summer is going fast and pretty soon I will be back at work. October is coming quick.

About Joe Lopez C.S.C.S

I grew up playing sports my whole life. I played football, basketball, and baseball in High School. I was so busy playing that I never learned how to work out and eat properly. I played baseball in college but without the year-round fitness that came from the other sports I started gaining weight. When my college baseball career was over I weighed 285 lbs. I decided to make a change. I lost 85 pounds in two years. I can show you how. I have been a certified personal trainer for six years. I helped countless people find their success stories. My style of training comes from an athletic background added to my own personal experience of weight loss and fitness.

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